San Antonio Abad Day 2013


The Arona Town Hall invites you to celebrate our traditional festivities in honour of San Antonio Abad.


Thursday, 10th
21:00 h: Queen Election Gala at Arona historical city center (Plaza del Cristo de La Salud). Traditional folk music perform by Escuela de Folclore de Arona.

Friday, 11th

22:00 h: Folk Dance in honour of San Antonio Abad (folk style costume is required in order to attend the ball). Food to share will be welcome. Location: Colegio Oscar Domínguez.

Saturday, 12th
21:00 h: VI Festival Verodal (folk music festival).
23:00 h: Music performance by Orquestas Pasión Gomera and Atlantic de la Gomera. Location: Plaza del Santisimo Cristo de la Salud.

Sunday, 13th
10:00 h: San Antonio Abad Craft Fair. Location:  Plaza del Santísimo Cristo de la Salud
11:00 h: Sunday mass.
12:30 h: Traditional procession throught our streets along performances of different folklore groups.
16.00h. Orquesta Wamampy live music performance. Location: Plaza del Santísimo Cristo de la Salud.

Thursday, 17th
18:30 h. Mass and procession that will go until Cruz del Señor along with music performance of Escuela Municipal de Música y Danza de Arona. Afterwards, fireworks exhibition and hot chocolate drinks at Cruz de San Antonio.

NOTE: Schedule is subjetc to change. 

LocationDate / Time
Arona Casco jueves 10/01/2013 / jueves 17/01/2013