India - Canary Islands Cultural Meeting ~ Ratha Yatra 2012


The Culture Board of Arona and the Hindu residents in southern Tenerife invite everyone to join and be part of this cultural celebration, Ratha Yatra, a fusion of both, India's and Canary Islands's culture and tradition.

The Ratha Yatra (parade of chariots) has been performing for thousands of years in the city of Jagannatha Puri during the rainy season. It is one of the most ancient, bright and colourful celebrations in the world.

Since 1967 this festival takes place also at the most important cities of Occident (New York, Los Angeles, Washington, Moscow, London, Paris, Sydney, Madrid, Barcelona...).

This year and for theásecond time in Canaries it will take place in Arona, a remarkable milestone in the history of our islands.

Activities: Literature, gastronomy, astrology, beauty, health, scents, plays, parade of chariots...

LocationDate / Time
Las Vi˝as Los Cristianos domingo 22/07/2012 19:00 h. /